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Graham technique

Created by American dancer and choreographer Martha Graham (1894–1991). The Martha Graham Dance Technique is based on the core power of contraction and release. The technique develops physical power, musicality and individual expression. Graham technique is known for its unique dramatic and expressive qualities and has been taught worldwide.

limón technique

Created by José Limón the Limón technique is based upon the movement style and philosophy of theater developed by modern dance pioneers, Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman. The technique places emphasis on the body’s natural rhythms of fall and recovery and the interplay between weight and weightlessness. 

horton technique

Developed by Lester Horton in the 50’s and defined by Alvin Ailey and Joyce Trysler and codified by Anna Marie Forsythe. Classes consist of fortifications, Preludes and studies designed to increase strength and flexibility. Classes focus on performance technique and the understanding of anatomy and musicality as well as incorporating the ballet aesthetic while investigating the principals of breath and swing introduced by Joyce Trysler.

Taylor technique

Lessons focus primarily on creative movement and modern dance. The Repertory of Paul Taylor stands as a solid link between classical and contemporary dance. His choreographies fill the space, rich in jumps and tosses.Exceptional has always been his ability to" manage "the movement, drawing freely from any technique. The dancers project their personalities and internal motions onto the scene along a changing flow of moods.


Repertory class offer students a deeper understanding of modern dance expressive styles as well as the pioneers vision and important historical themes.

caterina rago Dance company (CRDC)
repertory​ & choreographic laboratory

The study of CRDC's repertory will bring students into the process of a new choreographic style that carries on the clarity and special qualities of modern dance. The choreographic laboratory will guide students to develop their own movements and stimulate their own imagination. The class aspires to inspire the new generation to get in touch with their inner voice. 


The Winter and Summer Intensives will present a repertory showcase performed by the students. The work will be presented at the end of the Intensive

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