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"from the great pioneers of modern dance, to the life of a new movement"

Tecniche Di Danza Moderna (TDM) was launched in September of 2016, under the direction of Caterina Rago, in Rome Italy. Caterina Rago is also the Founding Artistic Director, Choreographer and Principal Dancer of the CR Dance Company LLC, a modern dance company based in New York City founded in 2007.

TDM is an educational program based in Europe, dedicated to promoting modern dance.
The program is divided in Winter Intensives and a Summer Intensives.
The Winter intensive takes place in Malaga (Spain), Paris (France) and Nicosia (Cyprus) throughout the year. TDM International Summer Intensive Program in Rome (Italy) in the month of July.

TDM program includes the Martha Graham dance technique, Lester Horton dance technique, José Limón dance technique, Paul Taylor dance technique and repertory classes alongside with the CR Dance Company (CRDC) repertory. The goal of the program is to give students precise knowledge, enabling them to analyze and interpret the history of modern dance for a 21st century practice. TDM is taught by major international dancers, choreographers and performers.

The qualities that are special to the form of modern dance are not common now in the training of the 21st century and these techniques are not often offered. It is essential to preserve "classical" modern dance, even as new forms are developing. TDM attempts to redefine the importance of these techniques by carrying on the clarity of forms and shapes, the sense of space and music, the use of scenery, costumes and the visceral use of the movements that made these techniques so special and important.

By establishing emotional connections, TDM wants to deepen individual strengths, and bring confidence and passion to the surface, to make it easier for students to understand their various artistic paths.TDM aspires to inspire the movement of culture, and sharing movement and emotion together through the spirit of dance.